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A car salesman yelling from the TV started it all.

We couldn’t stand that guy. But as we looked around and did some research, we found there wasn’t a lot of options for great marketing for small businesses. Business owners were doing too many things at once, and marketing agencies would sell them expensive packages without considering the real needs of their customers. Eventually, we came to our conclusion: our local small businesses need to have better opportunities to tell their stories from someone who cares about them and helps them grow.

That salesman was all it took for us to want to make a change. So we started doing creative work, small video projects and quick websites using drag-and-drop templates; anything we could do to bring great-looking and compelling work to help local business grow and be proud of their marketing.

Along the way, we met some of the most incredible people.

World-impacters, game-changers, and rags-to-riches-type people. A chef who launched his own chain after humble beginnings as a busboy. An audiologist who worked to save her industry from extinction. A non-profit director who had a vision for impacting to an entire city by serving families whose children are receiving critical care.

Dreamers. Those are the people we feel connected to.

Today we partner with dreamers who have local vision and make global impact.

We’ve expanded our ability to partner with small businesses by becoming their very own marketing team. We’ve grown our partnerships from creative work to true friendships. The kind where we spend hours on the phone together asking, “What if?”

Servant partnership, creative excellence, authenticity, empowerment, and a “figure it out” mentality are the values that drive us from the shortest projects to the lifelong partnerships.

What impact could you make if we partnered with you?

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Meet Our Team

We call our team “Courageous Creatives” because we like to dream big together.

Our team consists of different roles and skills, but we all have a passion to help you connect with the right people and grow your impact. Here’s the Courageous Creative team.

Justin Sheehan

Chief Vision Officer


Conner Mullett

Content Director


Jess Tebben

Account Director


Brian Menzie

Creative Director


Zach Ziino

Director of Photography


Brian Sheehan

Marketing Automation Consultant


Janelle Delagrange


Evan Delagrange

Graphic Design

John Lawrence

Chief Financial Officer

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