Creating a better tomorrow.

Ambassador Enterprises is a philanthropic equity firm investing in organizations and their leaders. They are active partners assisting leaders in optimizing for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Their goal is to equip businesses and nonprofits to achieve their mission and develop a circle of influence in their community.


We crafted AE’s website with a fully custom design from the ground up, including fonts, colors, graphic patterns, and icons that all matched their branding perfectly. Ultimately, they needed a great platform from which to share their mission, tell stories of impact, and invite business leaders on-board.

Their website allows them to expand their impact by connecting with the right organizational and community leaders.

“Crown Jewel stepped in and really helped us understand what our story is and why our audience should care. Our partnership allowed a culture of innovation and creativity that pushed our project to greater heights. They also took the time to understand me, the client, and really grasp what I was wishing to accomplish.

Plus, our website traffic has surged! We had more visitors to our website in the first quarter of 2017 than we did all of the previous year.”

Ryan WoldmanMarketing & Brand Development Director, Ambassador Enterprises

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