Staying connected to the life you love is important.

Hearing loss has stood in the way for too long, and people deserve a partner who will help them understand what might be wrong and the best way to fix it. Associates in Hearing is the trusted expert when it comes to hearing loss, and together, they reconnect their patients to the people and things that matter most.


Taking from Associates’ existing logo, we established a clear brand identity that included colors, fonts, and design elements to reinforce their brand. Their green is recognizable and trusted in their community, so we complemented it with another trusted hue in purple, and brightened things up with light yellow, blue, and a light red. The fonts combine a modern serif font with beautiful curves that mimic the curves in the ball logo-mark and a sans-serif font with a similar personality.

All in all, their visual identity is now a consistent, friendly, and trusted representation of who they are.


For the patients of Associates in Hearing, having a trusted partner who clearly describes every step of the process is critical, and their website plays a major role. All of the messaging of the website follows our 7-part StoryBrand framework for clear and engaging language. The homepage invites a new person into the process, and the rest of the website provides all the helpful information they will need.

Print & Graphic Design

Many of Associates’ patients fit an older demographic, and print materials are very effective. When they visit retirement communities multiple times a month, we have equipped them with print material that speaks to their audience. Potential patients are able to show their family members information about Associates in Hearing so that they can set up their appointment to receive a hearing test.

Email Marketing & Automation

Sending automated emails has not only saved their office a ton of time, but Associates has been able to reach more people. They are able to stay top of mind for their patients, send appointment reminders, and follow up after hearing tests. We even had fun celebrating the Eagles’ Super Bowl win since their office is in Philadelphia!

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