Helping people bounce back.

A financial crisis can happen to anyone at any time. A young family of five might not expect it when a parent loses their job due to injury or down-staffing. The family’s income stops short, draining their savings slowly, leaving them with an uncertain future.

Life doesn’t always play by the rules, and BounceBack believes in being present in a time of need. BounceBack exists to help families and individuals rise above their situation, getting them back on their feet to a bright future.

Logo & Branding

We had the incredible opportunity to do a complete Launch of this non-profit’s marketing, starting with an all-new logo and brand design. We began by designing a logo that combines the letter “B” (which appears twice in their name) with an upward and forward-leaning arrow. The shape of the B signifies the entire journey of a BounceBack client from unexpected financial crisis to getting back on their feet and moving forward. Their colors also appeal to financial safety (green) and understanding and trust (blue).

From there, we developed an entire brand Style Guide, which specifies their consistent fonts, colors, graphics, and other practical design templates. We completed their brand design with new business cards, letterhead, and social media graphics.

Brand Messaging

Like many other organizations, BounceBack struggled to talk about what they do. Their mission was clear, but their messaging was not, and they were missing out on donations and church partners because of it.

When we met Regina, however, her story blew us away. All the right pieces were there. We knew all we had to do was train her to communicate clearly using our storytelling framework*. We walked her through the process and gave her a Brand Messaging Guide with multiple ways to talk about her nonprofit in different real-life situations. And, of course, all of this language is used in all of their marketing materials as well. (*We are a StoryBrand Certified Guide.)


BounceBack needed a website that accomplished two things. It needed to compel people to donate, and it had to attract church partners. We chose “donors” as the primary audience because it allowed BounceBack to tell their story most clearly on the front page. They use the church partners page when meeting with potential partners as a vehicle of authority. It shows that this is an organization worth partnering with.

The website overall features fun animations, lots of on-brand design, and pictures of people who show the problems people face before BounceBack and the success they experience after.

Print & Graphic Design

In working with both audiences–donors and partners–BounceBack needed to be able to hand something physical to people. It allows them to walk people through their process, benefits, and testimonies in a tangible way. It also means that people are able to leave the meeting with something in their hands to remember BounceBack.


Stories are the most powerful way to show the impact that BounceBack makes every day. Regina, CEO of BounceBack, has an incredible story herself, which gives her amazing empathy towards the people they serve. Combining her passion with the testimonies of people who have been helped by BounceBack, video is an extremely compelling marketing tool grow their donor base.

Crown Jewel is phenomenal. They are professional, they are courteous, they help me to unload and unpack what I'm trying to say when I can't articulate it. I'm telling you that if you want a team that will help you articulate your dream, your mission, your vision better than you can, you need to work with Crown Jewel.

Regina CannadayCEO, BounceBack

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