Transforming the audiology industry.

The role as an independent audiology practice owner has never been more challenging or rewarding. It takes more work to win a patient’s trust, respect, and loyalty.  At the same time, patient outcomes have never been more promising, and the work of an audiologist has more potential to be rewarding than ever before as well.

Entheos Audiology Cooperative is a collective of hearing professionals committed to reconnecting with the larger purpose of their private practice. They think that hearing health care is the perfect vehicle to change lives, local communities, and the world, and they’re making it happen.


While we didn’t create the Entheos logo, we were able to partner with them to develop an entire brand design system. Everything they use in marketing includes a consistent color palette, design, and font set to reinforce their mission, professionalism, and brand awareness.

Whether it’s icons for a website, a PowerPoint presentation, a humanitarian trip video, or workshop booklet, members are able to recognize the Entheos brand everwhere it’s used.


Because of Entheos’ unique position in the industry (there are no competitors who incorporate a buying group with best practice investment and humanitarian trips), they needed a website that did both “show” and “tell.” Their website includes all the content they need to describe involvement, values, and processes, but it’s also a platform for images and videos to show their mission in action. Visitors to their website get to see videos or workshops and stories of people they’ve helped from around the world.

Print & Graphic Design

With so many events, workshops, and humanitarian trips, Entheos needs a lot of print work. We create everything from customized trip name tags to event brochures to 30-page workshop books that attendees use all week for notes and resources.

Email Marketing

Your inbox has never been a more highly-successful marketing tool, so we partner with Entheos to create consistent and engaging email marketing. Some emails are automated, others are time-specific newsletters, and all of it is trackable. When they need to get the word out with trip details, workshop advertising, or share stories of life-change, we help them utilize email marketing to make it happen.


One of the most captivating visuals is seeing someone hear for the first time. Those in the industry all it a “hearing smile,” and it’s amazing. With so many humanitarian trips, Entheos sees hearing smiles on people from all over the world. We capture these special moments, then we put videos together that members can watch to celebrate their impact. Members can also show these videos to potential donors and supporters, increasing donations and funding future endeavors.

Crown Jewel partnered with us when we were just getting our business off the ground. As with any new startup, it was hard to focus on marketing when we had so many other things to juggle.

I invited Justin from Crown Jewel to volunteer on a humanitarian trip to Haiti to film the work were doing (providing hearing to under-served people), and we've never looked back. As we grew Entheos, they helped us build a strong foundation to spread our message and find the right customers, whether it was through a new website or a heart-felt video.

Beyond the work they've done, I know their heart is in our mission. I'm thankful they took "leap of faith" with us. Today, I feel like Entheos is in a great place for rapid growth!

Nora StewartChief Vision Officer, Entheos

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