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Entrepreneurial Culture Shock demands a new approach to entrepreneurship. The Farnsworth Fund is a vehicle to identify and support founders of companies from the very beginning. In the first year it will make at least 50 “bets” ($1,000 micro-grants) on the people who will ultimately drive our entrepreneurial culture today and in the future.

Brand Messaging

From the first time we got our teams together, we knew that the Farnsworth Fund (FF) was a story worth telling. We had a lot of conversations about who would benefit from this community and how to communicate to their audience. In the end, we presented clear language that describes exactly what the Farnsworth Fund is, who it’s for, how it benefits them, and how they can engage.


This entire project was a blastespecially from a branding perspective. We got to launch their branding and take it from just an idea to a complete visual identity family. Their primary target audience is bold, entrepreneurial young adults, so we were able to go with a bright and confident color palette. These specific colors were inspired by retro color families to evoke the history of Philo T. Farnsworth, television pioneer (who also lived in Fort Wayne).

Every piece we create for FF implements their consistent design language, fonts, colors, and gradients for immediate brand recognition.


FF needed a website to launch their brand properly. Too often brands get started with websites that have unclear messaging and difficult navigation so visitors end up more confused than when they started. FF needed to show who they’re for, what they do, and how to engage clearly so people in the community would engage.

We built a custom website with clear language, engaging content, stories of past recipients, and the application for new entrepreneurs. Since their launch, they are receiving new applications daily and are on the fast track to transform Fort Wayne’s youngest entrepreneurs.

Print & Graphic Design

Because so much of the Farnsworth Fund’s work takes place through networking and events, it was critical that they had all the right signage and print materials for every situation. We designed and provided tower banners, stickers, business cards, postcards, flyers, table signs, and more to help FF grab people’s attention and offer something tangible to take with them.

Crown Jewel helped us clarify our message, and the visual presentation (website, handouts, swag, and posters) clearly supports the brand image. Since the launch of the website, we have received at least one application each day, and we're on track to grow our community much faster than anticipated. Their team is professional, on point, and—especially in the case of event help—went above and beyond to help make our launch event a success!

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