Lake living 8 minutes north of Fort Wayne.

What if you lived in a lake community and could still drive to work? Heron Lake is just eight minutes north of Parkview Regional Medical Center, and the development will include multiple neighborhoods for families, an all-sports lake with marinas, an island event center, 4.2 miles of trails, and a boutique winery—all within walking distance.

Heron Lake has natural beauty and a fun community experience like nowhere else in Indiana!


Due to the broad scope of the Heron’s development, communicating clearly on their website was extremely important. During our initial meetings, they expressed they would need to market to home buyers, land developers, contractors, and possibly more audiences in the future.

As we dug a little deeper, we decided to position this website towards home buyers. This would provide the necessary momentum to get people excited about the project and commit to purchasing lots.

Other important things were empowering the client with an FAQ page and a blog. The FAQs significantly reduce information requests which saves the Heron team a lot of time. They are also able to showcase updates to the project on their blog, keeping people excited.


As a part of the website design process, we proposed new fonts, colors, and graphic designs that we felt pushed the brand forward for its audience. It thoughtfully considered not just web uses, but future print work and even signage. The client loved it! As an extra value-add, we put together a Style Guide that displays their full branding identity and will keep all future jobs in tact.

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