Live your best life with the best hearing.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their life. Hearing loss not only keeps people from enjoying the things they love, it prevents them from being the person they’ve always wanted to be.

At Northgate Hearing Services, they keep their patients’ needs and lifestyle in mind, providing them with personalized care that cannot be beat. The best hearing is possible, and they help  navigate the road to get there.

Branding Design

Carefully crafting Northgate’s brand design was a blast! As we started the project, we took the time to discover their story and their brand metaphor. The team was great, and we quickly landed on the idea of a block party. It was significantly different from any of their competitors, it was true to their identity, and it gave us some great options for fun design.

Northgate’s branding is full of fun colors, animated skylines, welcoming maps, and overall feels like a good time. This was important because hearing loss and doctor’s offices can be stressful combinations for people. We wanted everyone to feel welcome and comfortable!


Once we had an established story and style, we started work on the website. Northgate’s audience needed a website that was easy to navigate, informative, and helpful in a way that minimized the fear of visiting for the first time. We included clear explanations of what appointments will look like and helpful maps on how to get to the office. It’s also full of resources so that patients and their family members can do their homework with someone they trust!

Email Marketing & Automation

The best way for Northgate’s staff and doctors to reach out to their current and future patients is email marketing. We help by designing beautiful emails with compelling content. They use both regular marketing updates and appointment reminders as well as sales funnel automations. For example, when a patient is tested but not treated, the system automatically follows up with them with helpful resources to build trust. It saves their staff a ton of time!

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