Better hearing is a journey people don’t want to navigate alone.

For patients of Pacific Hearing Services, a full, connected life is at their fingertips. They just need to take the step to get there. Pacific Hearing Service makes it easy, giving them precisely the hearing care they need.

For 40 years, Pacific Hearing Service has provided incredible care to incredible patients. No matter what, they are committed to making sure their patients’ care comes first.


In Silicon Valley, if you don’t have a great website to inform, inspire, and call to action, you don’t stand a chance. People want to search online before ever stepping foot into an unfamiliar office, so it was great working with Pacific Hearing Service on their new website. Not only did we place a big emphasis on great design and clear messaging, they wanted a platform to talk about the highly-advanced hearing technology they use to help their patients. We crafted several pages for their patients to better understand the technology they were putting in their ears.

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